Who We Are


Terri Festa

Alphadog, Terri Festa, has long been known as the founder and president of Society Dog (societydog.com), a social club for dogs & dog lovers, based in Los Gatos with chapters throughout the Bay Area. 18 years experience with groups of dogs served as a strong base for her "leap" into the pet sitting world about 9 years ago. Terri offers years of experience with pack behavior. Terri's long history with Society Dog along with her Dogtec & canine CPR certification provides her with a unique background suited for pet sitting.

Her new location on 20 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains has served as a haven for her doggie customers and has been labeled as a Canine Mountain Retreat.


* Associations and certifications include:  NAPPS (national assoc. of professional pet sitters), Dogtec Academy (dogtec.org), & Canine First Aid certification


Doug Festa

Doug was also a co-owner and active participant in Society Dog,.  He now shares the business with his wife, Terri, giving him extensive experience with dogs and pack behavior.  The two met in the early years of Society Dog, with his yellow Lab, Shammy, in tow.   The dog lovers united with many more dog memories to follow!   


Doug is a master at keeping the Den clean and “fixing just about anything!” - two great skills when running a dog business.   He has an even bigger knack for getting our dog boarders to love him!   You’ll often find a dog curled upon on the couch or chair right along with him☺  Dogs just can’t get enough of him during their stay at The Den.  


Jessica Raven

Jessica is an experienced animal caregiver that has offered pet services for years. She loves spending her time cuddling, photographing and playing with our boarders at The Den, as well as her Siberian Husky back at home. Jessica also provides your furry friends with plenty of exercise, whether its through daily walks on our 20 acres of mountain trails or games of fetch and tug of war in our fenced yards.

Jessica often does dog walks, pet visits, and in-home boarding on her own time.  Her attention to detail, cheery personality, and extensive dog knowledge is to be commended. She is a long-time resident of the mountains, and is able to handle many unique situations that present themselves in our mountain location.  We are thrilled to have her as part of the pack here at “The Den” for more than 3 years.


Other Professionals

During busy times, you might see other faces here at the Den.  We like to keep our person-to-dog ratio small so we hire well-screened, experienced dog professionals to give us a hand and an extra set of eyes, when needed. If you see a new person here, be sure and ask us about their experience & credentials.