Join the Pack!


1. Call or email via the contact page with some basic information on your dog(s) and your boarding or daycare needs


* We are now requiring the Canine Flu Vaccine and booster before arrival. Let us know if you've vaccinated your pup or if you plan on getting it before your pup's stay.

Name *
Please include: Name, Age, Breed, Previous boarding experience, and prior socialization
Spayed or Neutered? *
*We now require the canine flu vaccine and booster
Phone Number
Phone Number

Email us with any questions about our services and requirements. We will get back to you as quickly as we can. 


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*Bookings for 5 nights or longer require a deposit to confirm your pup's stay with us.


2. Expect a return call to discuss items like socialization experiences, prior boarding experiences, availability & pricing


Please text us a reminder on the Yelp Line (408-671-3417) if no email response within 24 hrs.  We're  probably busy taking care of dogs!


3. Schedule a visit to our location to meet us, explore The Den, and to do a brief “meet and greet” with other dogs


4. If all parties are in agreement, schedule a trial day (for potential daycare clients) or trial overnight (for our overnight boarders) before scheduling your first longer-term stay


5. If all goes well, you are welcomed into the pack and can schedule a stay whenever there’s available space at The Den!